Super Bowl Depends on Officiating

The winner of today's game will depend on officiating. That's much of what's wrong with football today. In general, there is no objective reality. We're told nothing is real until it's been reviewed and interpreted-only then do we know if we saw what we saw. 

But specifically the outcome of this game will depend on whether or not the Seahawks secondary is allowed to hit receivers beyond the 5 yard limit, hold, and hit receivers prior to the catch. 

The Seattle secondary has become the Lebron of the NFL. They're reputation as "the best" secondary seems to have earned them the honor of having the rules bent on their favor. 

Put simply. If the game is called honestly - the broncos can't lose.  If it's called the way the rest of the playoffs have been called - the broncos can't win. 

Just wanted to be on the record before the game.