Obama Demanded Iraq Parliament Approve SOFA - Denies US Congress Role in Iran Nuke Deal

Ok, maybe I'm just ticked because nobody seems to think this is significant but...

The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq which launched the rise of ISIS and unleashed a continuing wave of unspeakable violence and brutality in the Middle East - was due to the failure to reach a "Status of Forces Agreement" (SOFA) with Iraq. Perhaps the largest reason that such an agreement failed was because unlike previous SOFA's: Obama and the US State Department lead by HILLARY CLINTON :


Now, Obama and the US State Department, lead by John Kerry, openly mock the role of the duly elected representatives of the United States to have any role in the Iranian Nuclear "Non Deal."

So, will any of the media who chase down every member of the GOP and demand that they denounce the latest rantings of Donald Trump try to ask either Obama, Hillary, or Kerry:

"You demanded the Iraqi Parliament participate in the SOFA negotiation - why are you denying US Congressional input in the Iran Nuke Deal?"