Erick Erickson Creates Trumps Macaca Moment

Erick Erickson has banned the Republican front runner from his forum of Presidential candidates, joining a long list of morons hoping to enhance their own status by piling on a Republican that threatens the status quo. 

The current frenzy about Trump calling poor Mrs. Kelly "hormonal" is absurd. His comment about blood coming from her eyes was clearly a statement of his belief that she was "going for blood", "a kill shot", "a take out" - or at least that's how any normal human would take it. 

Just like anyone would take George Allen purposely mangling an opposition researchers name as a mild insult, the Washington Post found a non-existant link between the word "Macaca" and racism. After weeks of making Allens "racism" the leading story of the race - we got Senator Jim Webb.

I'm not a Trump supporter. But idiots like Erickson, Kelly, and Luntz are pushing me his way. Why the GOP insists on taking out their most popular people is a mystery. I guess that makes why they lose Presidential elections no mystery at all.