Trump's Mandatory Deportation Plan - Fact or Fantasy?

Trump released his immigration plan and the major media is in a frenzy over its highly offensive concept of enforcing immigration law. Much has been made of his Mandatory return of all criminal aliens. Many are anxious to point out the "impossibility" of deporting huge numbers of illegals.

They're missing the point.

Having a policy of deporting criminal aliens does not mean one immediately mobilizes all available resources in an attempt to implement the policy. It simply means that when a criminal alien is encountered in the normal course of law enforcement - they will face deportation.

Consider the policy on drunk driving, most localities have a policy of jailing all drunk drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "an estimated one-fifth to one-fourth of U.S. drivers admit to having driven after drinking." Clearly, it's "impossible" to jail the 10's of millions of drunk drivers - but it doesn't mean that we don't jail those that we find. 

Such a policy is completely plausible and actually consistent with most law enforcement policies. It is the pro-amnesty philosophy of "you can't catch them all - so you must let them all go" that is intellectually flawed and inconsistent. No nation approaches any transgression in that manner.

So... Despite the the histrionics of the left; nothing about the proposed policy of Mandatory return of all criminal aliens is unworkable - or even unusual.