Recalling the 2013 "ShutDown that Wasn't"

Now the John Boehner has announced his final surrender, which will undoubtedly arrive only after he's managed to capitulate on a number of pending budget issues before finally riding into the Congressional sunset; it's worth taking some time to re-examine the "Shut Down" of 2013. We call it "The Shut Down that Wasn't."

Somehow, what we believe to be a major fact, is always omitted from the discussion of the "Shut Down." That is, it was curiously scheduled exactly between two Federal Government pay days. In short the chronology was something like this.

-Oct 1, 2013: Pay Federal Employees, then enter "Shut Down"

-Oct. 15, 2013: Next Federal Pay Day. Agree to a "clean budget bill"

-Oct. 16, 2013: Re-open Government. Pay Federal Employees.

graphically, like this:

In other words, the first day that the Democrats would begin to feel some pressure from their Federal Employee Constituency and their Unions to "make a deal", the GOP produced some obscured poll showing the GOP taking a huge political hit from the "shut down" - and folded - instantly.

There is no doubt that this entire "shut down" was designed not to persuade Obama to make changes to ObamaCare - but to make sure Ted Cruz was humiliated in a futile attempt to defy the "ruling class." 

To this day, Boehner publicly admits that he "always knew this would fail." I can't recall ever being successful in an endeavor that I began by saying, "I know this will fail." Of course, it didn't really fail. It made tea party Republicans and Ted Cruz look bad - and that was the real goal.

Good Riddance John Boehner.