Is Julia Price "Little James" Story an Internet Hoax?

In the past few days Julia Price posted a facebook story about being cat-called during her run and deciding to confront the cat-caller, when a young child named "James" intervened on her behalf.

The post has over 150k shares, 858K likes, has been published in hundreds of media outlets from Fox, Huffington Post, and even a feature article in the Daily Mail.

I think the story is bullshit. 

Yeah, I know it's a harmless little feel good story; but bullshit is bullshit - and should be identified as such.

The facts of the story, as she tells it, just don't wash. She say's she was "running" on a trail; when a well dressed man shouted, "Sexy lady, hey hey hey sexy lady!"

She says she decided to ignore him and keep running. She says he "kept screaming it" and that her ignoring him "seemed to piss him off." I'm assuming that when she says "kept screaming it," she means at least two more times - or she would've said, "he said it again," if it was only once more.

So, here's the situation: Running woman (with headphones on), screaming man yelling at least three times, "sexy lady, hey, hey, hey, sexy lady," Then, when she doesn't respond he yells, "Fuck you bitch."

If someone says that three times, giving at least a second in between to see if there is a response, it takes at least 18 seconds. Remember she's running. Even at a modest pace of a 10 minute mile, in 18 seconds she's covered about 160 feet. For some perspective, that's standing in the back of the end zone and hearing someone yelling from the 50 yard line - while you've got music playing in your head phones.

That's just tough to believe. But what happens next is even harder to explain.

Julia says when she heard the word "bitch," she "ripped off her headphones" and prepared to "stand up for herself" when little James intervened.

Here's the situation: A stationary man, James and mother walking toward man, Julia running away from man.

Julia is 160 feet away (back of the end zone to the 50 yd. line) from James who has been walking toward the man and is now immediately next to him. James immediately dresses down the typical evil male predator - and Julia hears every word.

Julia never speaks to the evil man, the man never responds or reacts. No selfie of James and Julia. No statement by the hero Mom of hero James. No appearance of James on Good Morning America.

What gives?

What gives is this is bullshit. It didn't happen. It couldn't. At least not the way it's been told.

What did happen is that a fledgling young entertainer found a clever way to get a great deal of media exposure, and the media found a way to perpetuate an ongoing theme that, "men suck, and women are victims."

I'd more likely believe this story if we were told "James" was his last name. First name, of course, Lebron.