It's about Delegitimizing SCOTUS not about Kavanaugh

I've come to think that the goal of the post hearing attacks on Judge Kavanaugh are less about defeating his nomination; and more about delegitimizing the Supreme Court.

This is part of a pattern of the left. During the 40 years that Democrats dominated control of the House of Representatives, Democrats routinely described the House as "The Peoples House" where "real power" was vested. During that time, "The House" among other things; ended a foreign war, dramatically shifted immigration policy, and pushed for the removal of a sitting President. When Democrats lost control of "The House," they routinely described actions of "The House" as irrelevant, illegitimate, and worthy of being ignored. Especially in terms of Budget, Immigration, or Border enforcement - not to mention such legislative acts as "The Defense of Marriage Act." 

Democrats will now routinely Judge Shop any legislative act with which they disagree, till they find a sympathetic Judge to issue a ruling in their favor. In open court the Democrat legal teams routinely describe Congress dismissively.

Now it appears they may lose control of the Supreme Court. So it follows, now they must  delegitimize the High Court, so they can defy the rulings of the Court - much in the same way they defy Federal Immigration Law, and Federal Controlled Substance Law.

The last remaining law will be mob rule. That is, whatever the manufactured outrage machine of the left can justify as correct - will become the "New Law." 

Welcome to the "Tyranny of the Cacaughany" 

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Feeling Good about the Cavs in Game 2

Yes, the Cavs got drilled in game one. But, despite the worst shooting in Cavs recent history; the game seemed to turn on a 3 minute period in the first quarter, and the first 90 seconds of the fourth quarter. In those 4-1/2 minutes the Cavs were outscored 20 - 0. 

A few funny things about the Cavs since their latest reincarnation.

One, they seem to play well in 5 game streaks, then they regress. That's continued through the playoffs. They won game 7 in the first round, then the next 4 in a row before going into a coma.

Two, the "New Guys", all younger, faster, and more athletic - seem to have disappeared. Seems like to beat the Celtics they're going to need some young legs.

Oddly, after the Toronto series, it seems that all Cavs fans should take a moment and consider how much fun it's been for the past 4 years. The Cavs might lose to Boston. It's ok. They actually seem to have better players, and definitely have a better coach. Toronto and every other team in the NBA (except for one) have had more disappointing seasons than the Cavs for 4 straight years. Even this year - the Cavs are a 4 seed - and most of Vegas still has them as the favorite. To a great extent, this team has already over achieved.

This could be the last year with Lebron. I'm going to enjoy this series - no matter what.

Good luck and Go Cavs!

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Political Correctness Gave us Bump Stocks

"Bump Fire" - is a technique where by the gun is held in such a manner that the recoil causes the gun to "bump" another surface - usually a shoulder or thigh. The resulting rebound from the "bump" causes the gun to move forward. If the shooter holds his trigger finger just right, the now forward moving gun will make contact with the stationary trigger finger and cause the gun to fire once again. 

This can create a rapid succession of "bumps" and "fires" that can continue until the supply of ammunition is exhausted. For those that remember pin ball - it's not unlike a pinball caught in that sweet spot between the bumper and a boundary creating a succession of rapid fire points..

There are lots of problems with the bump fire "technique."

It's inherently inaccurate. It causes the gun to overheat. It's absurdly expensive. It causes "barrel rise."  I've often considered it the shooters equivalent to a motorcyclists "wheelie."  It takes a good deal of skill and practice, looks really cool, will cost you a fortune to learn, and has almost no practical application. 

It is rather difficult for a person with limited use of hands and arms to "bump fire" a weapon. Ironically, the ATF approval, more accurately their acknowledgement that "slide fire stocks" are not a regulated fire arm under the "Gun Control Act" or "The National Fire Arms Act" sees to be based in the fact that they do assist a person of limited mobility to "bump fire" a rifle. (Image of ATF letter below - original linked above)

I recall when this was issued, and how almost all those discussing the issue on line were making fun of the ATF for being so beholden to the political correctness of not excluding the disabled from the act of "bump firing" that they couldn't resist approving it. Also, that the people in charge of making such a determination were probably unaware that "bump fire" was the act of creating an extreme rapid fire condition.

In short, the politically correct inclinations of the ATF made it easier for Stephen Paddock to fire hundreds of rounds of lethal gunfire into an unsuspecting crowd of victims.

In coming days, there will be calls for the regulation of "slide fire" or "bump stocks." In the ensuing discussions, it's valuable to understand the underlying background. That is, it was probably mistake based in political correctness that allowed the proliferation of these devices in the first place. 

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Sweep or Trap Game for The Cavs?

Absolutely everything is in the Cavs favor tonight in Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Semi-Finals.

The Cavs are up 3 - 0

No team has ever overcome a 3 - 0 playoff deficit.

The Raptors are in shambles.

The Raptors coach is rumored to be on the chopping block.

The Raptors best player was benched Friday night and was openly devastated after the game.

The Cavs are playing better than they've played all year.

Lebron is playing better than any time in his life.


This is just the kind of game the Cavaliers lose.

and just because no team has overcome a 3 - 0 deficit; it doesn't mean that no one ever will. In fact, it's almost certain that it will eventually happen. Hopefully, if it happens this year - it will be in the other Eastern Conference Playoff - which looks like it's all set to become a 3 - 1 series.

That being said...

Good luck and Go Cavs !

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Trumps Tax "Strategery"

Donald Trump and the GOP seem to be united in an effort to significantly revise the U.S. Tax code.

On balance the plan seems positive; but includes a "super bracket" that would raise taxes on the highest income earners in the country.

This "super bracket" tax increase has left many baffled. Even Rush Limbaugh (who often finds himself explaining Trumpisms to conservatives) has been left head scratching by this aspect of the plan.

As usual, Trump's "strategery" is a key to getting the plan passed.

The left opposes ANY tax cut by labeling it "Tax Cuts for the Rich" - What better way to immunize the plan from these bogus attacks than to add a "tax increase for the richest."

But it's not Conservative to play class warfare!

True. But that's the war we're in. Republicans repeatedly get their asses handed to them by not having a response for a bogus class warfare attack. Now they do. Also consider that the bracket will likely be positioned so high that it effects almost no one. It could be as high as those making more than $2M / yr - or even higher.

Almost everyone that "works" for their $2M / year don't earn it as regular income. Most ihat earn at that level are earning some combination of dividends, capital gains, stock options etc.

In truth the only people that make "Regular Income" in excess of $2M / year are athletes and entertainers. That is, those that are often the loudest critics of Trump. Once again, Trump can dismiss their attacks by saying, "see, Hollywood wants high taxes for others - but don't like it when they get their taxes raised."

Once again, advantage Trump.


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